VOIP Solutions

VoIP Solutions

Dedicated Hosted VoIP PBX Service


All the benefits of a purchased/customisable PBX, hosted within our telco-grade data center with 99.99% up-time Guarantee
...at a fraction of the cost.

We do not use a single multi-tenant hosted PBX platform which can be rigid and inflexible.
Instead a fully functional dedicated PBX is allocated to your business.   

Key Features:

Single Point of contact for all Telecommunications needs

WorldNZ provides all services required to ensure a reliable telecommunications service for your business:

- PBX hosting and support.
- VoIP trunks and call termination.
- Internet services (Fibre/HSNS/DSL).
- Mobile phone services.
- Full Installation and on-going support service.

Single point of contact for all support inquiries.

 Dedicated IP-PBX Server

Your own fully functional dedicated PBX system that can be customised as you choose.

 High availability Features delivering 99.99% up-time

    • Hardware Redundancy (your PBX is mirrored across multiple servers).
    • Power Redundancy (data center has two separate power feeds backed-up by two separate diesel Generators).
    • Internet Redundancy (three separate fibre optic Internet connections from three different wholesale providers).

 Integrated VoIP Service

VoIP service has been tightly integrated to ensure the highest possible call quality anywhere in he world.

Because VoIP servers are also based in the same Data Center your calls have the shortest possible distance to travel, in-turn ensuring the highest possible call quality. 

 The use of reliable Open Source Software significantly reduces the initial capital cost of your new phone system while delivering industry leading features and reliability. 


5, 10, 20, or 200 Concurrent Call Support - Full Management Service & Support Included.

  • Full system support including all moves/adds/changes.
  • 8x5 email and Telephone Support.
  • Daily backups.
  • Annual upgrades.
  • 20GB storage (use for call recording/voicemail). 


  • up to 5 concurrent calls (~30 extensions): $POA
  • up to 10 concurrent lines (~50 extensions): $POA
  • up to 20 concurrent calls (~100 extensions): $POA
  • more than 50 - 200 concurrent calls: POA 

Initial Setup Charges

Inbound call routing (Digital Receptionist/After Hours/Queues/Diversions etc...)
IP phone and network on-site installation and optimisation

Trunkline & Call Charges (applied to all options)

VoIP IP Trunklines
$10 per month per concurrent calling line
DDi's $5 per month (discounted for larger blocks)

Local calls: FREE

National: 5c per min
Mobiles: 18c per min
International : 5c for 35 countries

Please contact us for full International call rates or click here WorldNZ Call Rates
Please use the 'enquire now' tab at the top of the page or call us on 09 5295337 to get started.
(all pricing excludes GST)