Website Add-ons

Website Add-ons

Worldnz offers the following range of website add-ons to enhance your website:

Photo gallery

This module will allow your website visitors to view galleries of your photos. You will be able to manage the gallery in terms of uploading images and assigning them to categories. On the website the gallery categories will be ordered down the page with the thumbnails for the images available for clicking to larger images. You will be able to add captions to the images.You can have as many images and categories as you wish.


A Blog allows you to post articles or even just your thoughts and opinions onto your website with the opportunity for your website visitors to add their own comments. Blogs are a great way for you to interact with your target market and build relationships which can turn into business. Blogs are also excellent for increasing your rankings on Google.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Add a page to your website where you list your potential customers’ Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, and manage it all easily using your CMS.


Add a page of links or useful resources for your website visitors. Display the logo of the companies you link to, along with a brief description.


Post your business or industry announcements or news items to your website and keep your visitors informed and your content fresh. News articles list in descending date posted order and display a title, introduction and thumbnail image. Click through to read the full article.