VOIP Systems

VoIP Explained

"VoIP uses the Internet to transport phone calls instead of using the traditional (expensive) telephone network".

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Internet Protocol (IP) is the communication method used for all internet traffic, the computer you're reading this on currently has an IP 'address' for instance to enable it to connect and communicate on the internet.Packets of data are sent to and from computers when communicating on the internet, talking to each other via their unique IP address. VoIP uses this same communication method to send packets of voice information when you make a call from your computer to whoever you are calling.

Because you are already on the internet, probably paying a monthly charge, you can take advantage of VoIP services to significantly reduce the cost of your phone calls and even eliminate your phone line rental charges. You are already paying for the internet connection so VoIP simply sends your calls via the internet instead of traditional phone lines.

So what are the Benefits of VoIP?

If you don't already realise the wonderful benefits of VoIP please read on. VoIP could be the greatest invention since sliced bread. Everybody from small business owners to major corporations and not to mention households worldwide are starting to see the benefits of VoIP. They are making the switch to business VoIP as we speak.

If you are still unsure if VoIP is right for you or your business, below are five benefits of VoIP for you to check out.

No. 1 - Saves Money

Whether you're using VoIP for your residence or your business, you'll find it will be significantly cheaper than standard landline telephone costs, typically at least 50%.

No. 2 - Integration With Business Applications

VoIP enables the integration of your business applications such as CRM systems, email, fax, conferencing and video phone with your telephone needs. You are able to use your phone to enhance other business applications e.g. automatically record phone calls and store them within your customer database. Popup full customer details before you answer a call. Because VoIP uses the same technology as business software, real integration becomes much more affordable.

No. 3 - Flexibility

You're able to take your VoIP phones or adapters anywhere. Anywhere in the world that has a an Internet connection. This means that your phone number also follows, so international offices are suddenly part of the same phone system at no additional cost. Traveling overseas no longer means that you are cut-off from the business. Because the phone numbers are no longer tied to a physical location, your business can have as many phone numbers from as many locations as it chooses.

No. 4 - Ability To Choose Your Own Phone Number & Area Codes

By having the ability to choose your own area code, your business can provide local phone numbers to its customers, meaning that they only pay the cost of a local call to contact you. Even if they are on the other side of the world, and because the calls travel via the internet, no further calling charges apply.

No. 5 - Offers Features For Free

Everybody loves free stuff. Features that typically cost extra with normal phones are bundled with VoIP. These features include Voice Mail, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Block, Call Return and Do Not Disturb.