Hardware Repair, Support & Upgrades

Hardware Repair, Support & Upgrades

NZ Owned & Operated


We are New Zealand owned and operated. Our friendly engineers cover all areas of computing from the cup holder not working to a rack server that requires a complete rebuild. We love technology. We have been geeks since we were born so it doesn’t matter if it is an office PC, CAD/Graphic system or just a super fast gaming PC we can help you out.


We have passion and care about what we do; which means we are not happy until you are. We offer great after sales support that the large retailers find hard to match.

You can only do so much with new software or spring-cleaning your PC to improve the speed. When your computer is running low on resources, like memory or disk space, the applications you use may cause your computer to slow down. In many cases this can be remedied by performing one of these main upgrades:


This is usually quick and easy to do if you have the correct type and speed for your computer.

Hard Disk

Upgrading to provide more space for your applications, videos, and music can be tricky as you usually want to transfer your documents and other data from the old hard drive to the new one. We have the tools in our workshop to make this quicker and easier either by:

  • Cloning (making an identical copy) the old to the new drive. This makes the transfer quicker as we do not need to reinstall all your applications.
  • By making a backup and performing a fresh install of your Operating System (OS). This also removes all the old applications that may be slowing down your PC; OR
  • Mounting the old drive as a second disk and installing a fresh install of your current OS. This gives you even more disk space and reuses the investment you made when you first purchased your computer.
  • Video Card: The old graphics card in your computer will struggle if you enjoy playing the latest games, high definition video, or CAD\Drawing applications. You will fix this problem by upgrading to a newer, faster card with more memory onboard.