The future of I.T. in business?

Posted by: Alan

The future of I.T. in business?

Here is an interesting article by James Urquhart on GigaOM about the possible future of I.T. departments and what they will do when today's companies are already faced with an ever increasing choice of cost effective, cloud  based, pay as you go IT services.

Based on Nick Carr’s books on the subject, James discussed the possibility of I.T. departments fading away as I.T. services become easier to understand and use like electricity or water. He counters by suggesting that the I.T. department will not simple vanish but morph away from looking after servers to looking after cloud based applications and how they are applied to solve the needs of the business. The role of an I.T. professional become less of a “hands on” fixer to more of a consultant and service organiser.

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