Using videos to drive traffic

Posted by: Anthony

Using videos to drive traffic

It seems that video is among the fastest growing type of content you can find on the web and in April of last year, more than 172 million Americans viewed on average fourteen point nine hours of internet video. This is a lot of video that is being consumed on the internet and for internet and e-commerce marketers this can only mean one thing: big money. The good news for online marketers is that search engines now offer video as part of their integrated search results. Why is this so great?

Well, it's because videos are interactive and help you upsell. They can provide training, tutorials, product promotions and ultimately keep visitors on your site for a longer period of time. In the following paragraphs we will talk about some of the reasons to why videos drive so much traffic and offer more details about each one.

Videos Make Great Content

SEO is a marketing technique in flux and there are basically two types of SEO practitioners: the ones who focus on cheating or "gaming" the giant search engine Google and the ones who want to serve up great content that it's readable and provides value to the user. This kind of content seems to be Google's favorite and that is why those having it on their websites will always benefit from a higher ranking.

Everything above has been written about search engine optimization in order to just make a simple point: due to the online trends, it seems that video content is categorized by Google as good content and that is why in the search engine results it will always perform well. What you need to keep in mind though is that instant search and search engine personalisation will always have an impact on the results pages, so the results will differ from one user to the other.

Videos Give Shoppers More Product Information

When you watch a video you will be able to find out more about a certain product than you would ever want and find the time for when reading a text article. It's basically a more compact way of providing you with a lot more information, but at the same time, it can also convey emotion and by appealing to other senses, it can create demand.

Videos Build Customer Relationships

Every marketer on the internet wants to build and have a great and lasting relationship with his or her clients. In the past, this was a process that would be possible by monitoring very carefully the brand image and then sending out messages to consumers quite often. However, things have changed quite much since those ancient online marketing strategies were used and nowadays marketers use video in order to engage with their customers. This way, they will become connected to the brand or retailer on an emotional level, because the brand or the retailer gives them a good feeling.

Videos Are Easy to Share in Social Media

Last but not least, this is one of the most important reasons to why videos drive traffic. When you can share them on the internet with thousands of friends on Facebook for example, you can expect a high increase in traffic in just a snap. There are plenty of online retailers who make it possible for their videos to be embedded on social media sites, but also on blogs.

Summing Up

With that being said, it seems that videos are becoming very important in SEO and that is why more and more internet marketers are considering them. They offer good value to users, allow for an emotional connection to be established, while they also pack in a lot of useful information!